The mental health of nursing staff members influences the work process outcomes.


Identify the work related factors that harms the nursing team’s mental health.


Databases PubMed, Scopus, CINAHL and MEDLINE, by mating between the indexed descriptors in MeSH terms “mental health” and “occupational health nursing”. 783 articles were rescued to give a final sample of 18 articles. Integrative review in order to identify factors associated with the work process of the nursing staff that negatively affects mental health.


The main associated factors were work demands, psychological demands, violence, aggression, poor relationships with administrators, accidents involving the risk of exposure to HIV, stress and errors in the execution of labor activities. The main findings regarding the nursing staff’s mental health were post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, stress, major depressive episode and generalized anxiety disorder.


Occupational nurses need to understand the complexities of mental health problems and substance use among nursing staff members to recognize, identify and care for workers at risk and offer adequate mental health care. Although the researches interests in this theme have increased, proving that all these factors contribute to the risk to mental health of nursing professionals, the protective measures and care are being neglected by managers in both private and public network . The health of nursing workers in question here is one more challenge for a profession that takes care of others in need, therefore, requires some caring with their own health.

Keywords: Mental health, Occupational nursing, Occupational risk.
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